Excel 2013 – Printing the Whole Worksheet

In this tutorial I explain how I solved a customer’s problem. She wanted to print the whole worksheet and Excel would only print part of it. The worksheet had a print area defined and she didn’t know how to remove it.

Using Bing Maps to Present Data

Apps for Office was a new feature that was introduced in Office 2013. Apps extend the capabilities of Office 2013 and Office Online, providing additional functionality not available inside the core applications (an App is really just a cool new term for what we used...

Excel 2013 – Quick Analysis

Quick Analysis is a new feature in Excel 2013. Excel will automatically analyze your data and offer different ways to present it.

Excel 2013 – Timeline Slicers

Timeline Slicers is a new feature in Excel 2013. Timeline Slicers enable you to analyze data based on time periods. For example you might want to view sales figures for a 5-day period. Timeline Slicers make it simple for you to do this. The video is part of an Office...

Excel 2013 – Flash Fill

Flash Fill is a new feature in Excel 2013. Flash Fill will save you time. Flash Fill will save you having to write complex formulas in order to extract data from a single column or combine data from several columns. You simply provide an example of what you want it to...