Training Services

In this post-COVID world, it’s all about being kind, not only to each other but to our planet too. That’s why I’ve decided to take everything online. It’s my small way of making a big difference. With a versatile array of course titles that span from 60 minutes to a more in-depth half-day (or longer!), I’ve designed my offerings to fit perfectly into your schedule and learning style.

Choosing virtual training with me means embracing a world of benefits. Say goodbye to the constraints of physical locations and hello to the flexibility of learning from the comfort of your own space.

My sessions are designed to be as interactive and engaging as if you were in a classroom, with the added advantages of personalization and the ability to pace the session as you see fit.

Enjoy the benefits of learning from anywhere in the world, without the hassle of travel or the need for physical classrooms.


Think of the courses listed below as your starting point. I encourage you to mix and match topics or reach out with specific requests. My goal is to provide you with a tailored training experience that meets your unique needs and helps you unlock your full potential. Whether you’re looking to brush up on the basics or dive deep into advanced areas, I have you covered. Let’s embark on this learning journey together, where your growth is the only measure of our success. 

    Excel: Beginners

    • Excel – Essential Tips and Tricks for the New User
    • Excel – Lists and Tables – A Beginner’s Guide to Managing List-Based Data
    • Excel – The Art of Formatting – Creative Techniques for Engaging Spreadsheets

    Excel: Formulas and Functions

    • Excel – A Beginner’s Guide to Formulas
    • Excel – Master the Latest & Greatest 365-Only Functions
    • Excel – Mastering Logic Functions
    • Excel – Mastering Lookup Functions
    • Excel – 10 Key Worksheet Functions to Skyrocket Your Productivity
    • Excel – CUBE Functions – Where the Data Model Meets the Spreadsheet

    Excel: Data Visualization

    • Excel – A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Effective Charts
    • Excel – Beyond the Bar Chart – Data Visualization and Data Story Telling Techniques

    Excel: Pivot Tables

    • Excel – Reporting Simplified – Learn Pivot Tables from Scratch
    • Excel – Build Advanced Pivot Table Solutions Using the Data Model & PowerPivot
    • Excel – DAX Demystified: Supercharge Your Pivot Tables

    Excel: Power Query

    • Excel – Power Query – No Code Automation Every User Needs to Know About
    • Excel – Power Query – Merge, Combine, Unpivot and More

    Excel: Dashboards

    • Excel – Building a Dashboard – Transforming Raw Data into Visual Insights

    Excel: Automation – Macros and VBA

    • Excel – Automate Repetitive Tasks with Macros
    • Excel – VBA 101 – Automation Beyond the Macro Recorder

    Excel: For Mac

    • Excel for the Mac – Gotchas and Workarounds


    Power BI

    • Getting Started with Power BI – Transforming Data into Stunning Visuals
    • Power BI – Data Cleaning and Transformation: From Raw and Poor to Report-Ready
    • Power BI – DAX Essentials: Unlock the Secrets of Effective Data Analysis!