The CONCATENATE function is used to join the contents of cells together. Here’s a couple of examples of how to use it:

Example 1


In the example above, D2 contains the formula =CONCATENATE(A1,” “,B1,” lives in “,C1)

This joins the text in A1 to a space to the text in B1 to the words “lives in” (with a space before and after) to the text in C1

Example 2

In the example below, we have customer’s credit card numbers which, for some reason have been stored in 4 separate columns. The formula in column E displays the credit card number as 4 blocks of 4 digits with a space between each block (which is the way we expect to see credit card numbers displayed)


The formula in E1 is =CONCATENATE(A1, ” “,B1,” “,C1,” “,D1)