Yesterday was recording day for my weekly YouTube video. This week’s topic is Excel – 5 Pivot Table Productivity Tricks You NEED To Know!.

Immediately after recording it I posted a screenshot of the Camtasia timeline (Camtasia being the app I use to record and edit videos) on LinkedIn and @mentioned my fellow Excel and Camtasia Aficionado Oz du Soleil, a man who loves to see Camtasia timelines!!

Oz replied that he’d like to see the “after” as well as the “before”. So herewith are 3 screenshots…

The Raw Recording

This is the Camtasia timeline immediately after I pressed Stop Recording. But just now much of those 24 minutes made the final cut?

First Pass Edit

The answer to that question is just over 50%. Yes, 11 minutes were left on the cutting room floor. Mistakes aplenty this week. Just look at all those edits!

Final Edit

This is where I take the first pass edit and add elements like text boxes and highlights. Oh and there’s also some static screenshots overlaid to fix where I double clicked the wrong cell – quicker than a re-record!