Most of the time we refer to a cell or a range by using it’s address, for example A1 or A1:B10. However, assigning a “name” to a cell or range provides a number of benefits, one of which is to provide a quick way to navigate around the workbook.

A customer once sent me a huge spreadsheet that she only used once a month. At the end of each month she had to enter a figure into BC550 (or something like that) and the entire workbook was recalculated based on this figure.

Rather than having to remember which cell to go to (the lady actually had a Post-It note on her desk with that information on it!), I named the cell “MonthEnd”.

To name a cell or range, select the cell or range to be named, click in the “Name Box” which is just above the column headings, type the desired name (which must start with a letter and cannot contain spaces) and press Enter.

Name Box

To quickly navigate to a named cell or range, select the name from the Names dropdown list.

Name Box 2