In last week’s YouTube video I showed how to create a Win Loss Sparkline chart in Excel. If you haven’t see that video, check it out here. Win Loss charts are easy to create, using a simple two-colour scheme to represent positive and negative values. However, Win Loss charts have, in my opinion, two limitations.

1) It’s not possible to position the bars at the same level within a cell.

2) Blank cells and cells containing zero are represented by a blank in the chart, which can be confusing and make it harder to interpret the data.

But don’t worry, there’s a solution! In this video, I take a different approach, using Conditional Formatting Icon Sets to simulate a Win Loss chart that overcomes the built-in limitations.

Conditional Formatting Icon Sets allows you to assign icons to values based on their relative size, making it easy to distinguish between positive, negative, and zero values. For example, you can assign a green dot to values greater than zero, a red dot to values less than zero, and a grey dot to zero values – and the dots can be aligned within the cells!