A few months ago I wrote a tutorial that demonstrated the 3-step process required to sort a list of IP addresses stored in an Excel workbook.

This week I came across an add-in for Excel called IP Tools which can sort a list of IP addresses with a couple of clicks.

The add-in does a lot more, providing IP management management functionality including Ping and NSLookup (DNS Lookup),automatic IP address lookup, forward and reverse DNS lookup functions.

When IP Tools is enabled and Excel is started, you will find additional an additional Ribbon Tab and new menu commands which provide built in functionality to execute and display results output directly in Excel.

To sort a column of IP addresses using the tool…

IP Tools

Select the cells containing the IP addresses.

Click the IP Tools tab on the Ribbon and click the Sort IP Addresses button

IP Tools

The IP Tools dialog box is displayed. You shouldn’t need to change any of the settings – the Sort By IP Address box should be checked and the column containing the IP addresses should be displayed (column A in this case).

Click the Sort button

IP Tools

That’s it – the list of IP addresses is now sorted correctly.

IP Tools for Excel costs $34.99. A 14 day trial can be downloaded from here (although it says it doesn’t support Windows 8, it does)