In this video I’ll show you how to fix something that drives me and many others crazy. What am I talking about? I want to display month and day names in a Pivot Table Slicer in chronological order.

In the screenshot below, the day names and month names in the two Slicers are displayed in alphabetical order. This makes it difficult to a) find the item(s) that you want to select and b) select multiple consecutive items (Jan/Feb/Mar for Q1 or Sat/Sun for weekend)

If the Pivot Table is based on the Data Model (which to be honest these days it should be), the fix is fairly simple. You just need to add a few columns to the Table and click the “Magic Button”

Links to the video and individual sections below…

Defining the Problem

Create the Month and Day Name Columns in The Query Editor

Add a Slicer to the Worksheet

Create the Month Number and Day Of Week Columns in The Query Editor

The Sort By Column Button