Most people who use Power Query to import data into Excel get to the final step and click the LOAD button. Why? Probably because it’s “just there”.

But clicking Load uses default settings. Imported data is loaded into a new worksheet, unless you’ve selected multiple datasets (such as multiple tables or worksheets from the same Excel file or multiple tables from the same database). In that scenario, the data is uploaded to the Data Model.

But what if you wanted to load the data into an existing worksheet rather than a new one or you wanted to load multiple datasets into the worksheet rather than the Data Model? To do either of those you’ll need to use LOAD TO

In this week’s video, as well as learning how to use the Load To option, you’ll learn how to change the default settings for importing data so that clicking a single button (Load) will let you load to the Data Model.

Links to the video and individual sections below:


Load data into a new worksheet

Load data into an existing worksheet

Load data into the Data Model

Load multiple datasets

Change the default load settings