Recording of a training session that was delivered live on YouTube on 16th May 7PM UK time

Power BI turns raw data (from a variety of sources) into stunning interactive visual reports.

Gone are the days of submitting a request to the IT Department and waiting for them to produce a less than perfect report. With Power BI you can create those reports yourself, right from your own computer!

In this training, you will learn, using practical examples, how to create and design interactive reports using the Power BI Desktop application and how to share those reports with other people.

Your data is only as good as the information you can derive from it. Power BI enables you to gain better business insights and make more informed decisions. If you want to take your reporting capabilities to the next level by learning how to leverage the functionality of Power BI, this is a must-attend training session!

Topics covered

  • Connect your data sources (Excel, database, text file etc) to Power BI
  • Add visual elements to a report (bar charts, pie charts, maps etc)
  • Apply formatting to the report elements (colours, fonts, styles etc)
  • Simple steps for updating your report when the underlying dataset changes
  • Create interactive filters for reports
  • Share your report with colleagues

Links to the video and individual sections below…

What is Power BI?

Import Data into Power BI

The Data Model and Relationships

Adding and Formatting Visuals (Cards, Text Boxes, Charts, Filters)

Sharing a Report with Other People