The NETWORKDAYS and NETWORKDAYS.INTL functions in Excel are used to calculate the number of working days between two dates.

These functions are especially useful for businesses and organizations that need to track the number of workdays between project milestones, deadlines, or other important dates.

Specify the Start Date, the End Date and optionally a list of “holidays” (weekdays that should be excluded from the count such as national holidays or company shutdown days or simply days when the project team is unavailable) and Excel will do the rest.

For example, imagine that you have a project that starts on April 1st and is scheduled to finish on November 30th and you need to calculate the number of working days (Mon-Fri) in that period and you need to exclude 6 weekdays from that count. NETWORKDAYS is your friend.

Whilst NETWORKDAYS assumes Saturday and Sunday are defined as non-working days, NETWORKDAYS.INTL offers more flexibility, allowing the user to define which days are treated as working days and which are treated as non-working days. So if you’re working in a country where only Sunday is treated as a weekend, or maybe your project requires that Saturday is treated as a workday, NETWORKDAYS.INTL has you covered.

This video covers both functions