Last week I heard from a customer who was trying to unhide a worksheet. When he right-clicked on the worksheet tabs, the Unhide command was greyed out. The reason was that someone had set the Visible status of the workbook to VeryHidden. This can be set manually in the VBA Editor or by using VBA code.

Switch to the VBA Environment

Click the Developer tab on The Ribbon

Click Visual Basic

If The Developer Tab is not displayed (1)…

Excel 2010/2013: Right click in the empty area to the right of The Ribbon (1), select Customize the Ribbon (2)

If The Developer Tab is not displayed (2)…

Tick the Developer checkbox

Note: Excel 2007 – click the Office Button (big round one at the top left), click the Excel Options button at the bottom and in the first section (Popular), tick Show Developer Tab in Ribbon

Ensure Project Explorer Window & Properties Window are displayed

The left hand side of the screen should look something like ths:

If Project Explorer Window or Properties Window are not displayed…

Click View on the menu and select Project Explorer and/or Properties Window

Unhide the worksheet

In the Project Explorer, click on the worksheet that you want to unhide (1)

Click the Visible drop-down (2) and select xlSheetVisible

Exit from the VBA Editor, switch back to Excel and the worksheet should now be displayed