Have you ever tried to disable Workbook or Worksheet Protection in an Excel file and been prompted to enter a password that you don’t know?

Protection passwords are set for a reason but what happens when the person who set the password has left the company without leaving a note of the password?

There are 3rd party apps that claim to be able to “break in” to a password-protected file but in many organisations, these apps are not approved for use.

The method shown in this video requires nothing but Excel and the built-in zipping/unzipping capabilities of Windows or macOS.

Become the Office Hero without risking the wrath of your boss and IT Department!

Links to the video and individual sections below…


Worksheet Protection v Workbook Protection

Change the File Extension

Removing a Workbook Protection Password

Removing a Worksheet Protection Password

NOTE: The written instructions to crack workbook/worksheet protection are in a separate post here