This video focuses on two issues with pivot tables and how to resolve them.

Issue number one: You’ve got 2 pivot tables based on the same data. You want one pivot table to display revenue per month and the other one to display revenue per quarter and every time you change one, they both change.

Issue number two – and this is a less likely scenario but I have seen it happen…you have multiple pivot tables based on the same data source. You make changes to the data but you only want one of the pivot tables to be updated. However, when you select Analyze > Refresh, which should update just the pivot table that your cursor is in, it updates all the pivot tables in the workbook. As an aside, even if you use VBA and specify the name of the pivot table in the macro, it still updates both pivot tables

This video provides a simple solution that is available for both the Windows and Mac versions of Excel.

Links to the video and individual sections below:


What is the Pivot Cache

How to Resolve the Problem of Shared Caches