This is a recording of a training session delivered live on YouTube on 13th June 2022 and is aimed at users who are new to Power Pivot.

Power Pivot is an Excel feature (Windows only at the current time) that removes many of the limitations and frustrations associated with creating Pivot Tables. Using Power Pivot you can…

  • Create Pivot Tables from multiple lists/tables without the need to combine them into a single list first (goodbye X/VLOOKUP and all the issues that it brings)
  • Create Pivot Tables from large datasets without worrying about file size, performance or needing more rows than an Excel worksheet contains
  • Create Pivot Tables from multiple data sources (Excel, database, text file, web-based content etc)

Pivot Tables that are based on Power Pivot can also take advantage of the powerful DAX formula language that is used to create custom calculations

Topics covered include:

  • Why you should be using The Data Model to store your data
  • How to import-data into The Data Model
  • How to create relationships Between Tables
  • How to create a Data Model/Power Pivot based Pivot Table
  • Creating Simple Calculated Columns using DAX and The Query Editor

Links to the video and individual sections below…

What is The Data Model?

Enabling Power Pivot

Loading Data into The Data Model

Create Relationships Between Tables

Create a Pivot Table from The Data Model

Create a Calculated Column using Power Pivot (DAX)

Create a Calculated Column using the Query Editor