A recording (1 hour 6 minutes) of a YouTube live stream from 27th June 2022

This training is perfect for anyone who is new to formulas and functions in Excel.

Formulas enable you to perform calculations on the numbers, text and dates that are stored in your worksheet.

Need to add 2 numbers together? Need to calculate the difference between 2 dates? Need to know the average number of steps you did last week? Think of any scenario that involves addition, subtraction, division or multiplication and that’s where you’d use a formula.

Functions are formulas that have a specific purpose. Every function has a name and there are currently over 500 functions in Excel. In this session I provided an overview of some of the more popular and commonly used functions such as SUM, IF, COUNTIF and VLOOKUP. I also covered how to use functions to calculate a loan repayment and convert lowercase text to uppercase.

Links to the video and individual sections below


Creating basic formulas: add, subtract, divide, multiply

Using formulas to manipulate text

Using formulas to manipulate dates

Using brackets/parentheses in formulas – the why and how

Copying a formula

Absolute Cell References

Simplify formulas by assigning names to your important cells

SUM and AVERAGE Functions: Functions to speed up your work

IF Function: Use logic to determine cell value

COUNTIF Function: Count the number of occurences in a range

SUMIF Function: Add up numbers that match a criteria

CONCAT Function: Join text from different cells together

UPPER Function: Convert text to uppercase

VLOOKUP Function: Overview of this well-known and useful function

TODAY Function: Store current date in a cell (auto-updates each day)

PMT Function: Calculate a loan repayment