This is a recording of a training session delivered live on YouTube on 21st June 2022.

DAX is the formula language that is built into Power Pivot (it’s also available in Power BI but this session covers Power Pivot in Excel). If you’re new to DAX or simply curious as to how it can help you to take your Pivot Tables and reporting capabilities to the next level, this is a must-attend session!

Topics covered:

  • Use DAX to Create a Simple Subtraction Formula to Calculate Profit
  • Using the LOOKUPVALUE Function (The DAX version of VLOOKUP)
  • Measures v Calculated Columns
  • Create a DAX Measure
  • The CALCULATE Function and Why it’s Important
  • CUBE Functions – the What and How

Links to the video and individual sections below…


What is DAX?

Create a Profit Column (Revenue – Costs)

Extract Day Names from Dates to Create a Slicer


Creating Simple Measures: SUM and COUNTROWS

Add Filters to Your Measures with the CALCULATE Function

The CUBEVALUE Function