When you create a chart from a Pivot Table, all the columns from the Pivot Table are used in the chart. Even if you highlight specific columns, Excel ignores that and creates the chart by using all the columns.

Consider the example below. I require a column chart that displays Revenue per Store. I selected B4:C10 prior to inserting the chart. However because B4:C10 is part of a Pivot Table, the fact that it was selected is ignored and the resulting chart is based on the entire Pivot Table.

So how do you include only certain columns from the Pivot Table in the chart? There are several simple ways to do this and in this video I show you 3 of them:

Method 1: Create a second Pivot Table containing only the columns needed and base the chart on that Pivot Table

Method 2: Create a chart with all the columns and hide the unwanted columns in the chart

Method 3: Create a “regular chart” rather than a Pivot Chart