Learn how to master the UNIQUE function in Excel! The UNIQUE function lets you make a copy of a list but without duplicate entries – a common every-day requirement for many Excel users that, until now, has been time-consuming and fraught with errors.

The UNIQUE function not only speeds up and automates the process, it contains some useful options too such as the ability to choose between row-based and column-based lists, the ability to detect duplicates across a multi-column or multi-row range and it can even, with a simple additional parameter, return values that occur only once within the list. Check it out in this comprehensive video

NOTE: The UNIQUE function is currently available in Excel 365 and Excel 2021 only.

Links to the video and individual sections below


UNIQUE Function – Basic Example

Dynamic Array Functions – an Explanation

Using the COUNTA Function and the Hash Symbol with UNIQUE

Using UNIQUE with a Table

Using UNIQUE with Multiple Columns

The ByCol Parameter

The Exactly_Once Parameter