A client recently sent me an Excel file and asked me to add some macros and a VBA-based data entry form to it. On the surface that was a simple every-day request.

However, the file was a live, working file. It lived in SharePoint and several users opened it each day to add and amend data. My client could have given me access to the SharePoint site however I was concerned that if I was developing macros at the same time as others were working on the data there could be issues.

So I asked the client to send me a copy of the file and I would develop the macros and User Form in the copy. I’m sure that’s a situation that many VBA Developers have faced.

The problem comes when the work is done and you send the file back to the client. If they replace their working file with my file, they have the macros – that’s good but they’d lose any data added to the file since they sent me a copy – that’s not good

So what I did was save the macros and user form as separate files, sent those files to my client and provided them with instructions on how to import them into their Excel file.

In this video I show you how to do it.