In this video, I’ll provide a solution to a common issue faced by Excel users:

You have a worksheet that contains one or more checkboxes. You’ve enabled Sheet Protection yet the checkbox can still be checked and unchecked.

Sheet Protection does not extend to checkboxes directly. This video shows you how to prevent a checkbox being changed on a sheet where Sheet Protection has been enabled.

To give you some background and context…one of my customers had built a form in Excel that included some checkboxes.

The form was to be used by 2 people: PersonA and PersonB

Person A built the form. They would fill in most of the fields, save the file and mail it to Person B. Person B would open the file and fill in a couple more fields and mail it back to PersonA.

However, when PersonB received the form it was critical that they shouldn’t be able to make changes to the parts that had been completed by PersonA.

So PersonA did the right thing which was to turn on sheet protection and only allow PersonB to enter data into specific cells.

However even with sheet protection enabled, PersonB was still able to change the state of the checkboxes.