A common requirement for many Excel users is to be able to import data into Excel from a web page and keep that data up to date if the source data changes.

Financial data, sports data, country-related data. Those are just a few examples of the sort of data that you find on the web that you might need to work with in Excel. The list is endless

Excel for Windows users can use Power Query’s From Web button to do this and even though Excel for Mac now includes Power Query, the functionality to connect to a web page isn’t included.

However, if you need to pull data into Excel for Mac from a web page, there is a way to do it.

Follow these instructions or watch the video.

You’ll need to create an IQY file, which is simply a text file with an IQY extension that contains the URL of the webpage you wish to connect to.

IQY files can be created using a text editor. If you’re using TextEdit, I suggest that you watch the video as it deals with a gotcha.

Once you have your IQY file, in Excel, click the Data menu – the one at the top of the screen, not the one on the ribbon and select Data > Run Web Query.

Select the IQY file, click Get Data, select the location for the data and click Import