Building Excel based dashboards is a hot topic right now and despite the fact that the Mac version of Excel has fewer features than it’s Windows counterpart, you can still build some pretty awesome dashboards with it.

One feature of Excel for Mac that can be integrated into most dashboards is inserting a symbol into a shape and have that symbol automatically update depending on the value in another cell.

In the screenshot above:

Column E contains the names of ice cream flavours (yes the Excel-lent Ice Cream Company really do sell Pizza flavoured ice cream!)

Column F contains the revenue generated by each flavour last month.

Column G contains an emoji symbol representing the flavour name. These were inserted into the cell using Insert > Symbol.

The “Tile” displays the name of the flavour with the most revenue together with the corresponding emoji.

Want to know how I put this together? Check out the video below.

You can download a copy of the file I used in the video from the YouTube description