I’ve delivered a few Excel beginners courses over the past few weeks so I thought for this week’s YouTube video I’d put together some of my favourite time saving chart-related tips that I covered in those courses…

  • How to generate Chart Titles from Cell Contents: Dynamically link your chart title to a cell’s content for easy updates.
  • Switch Row/Columns: With a single click you can swap the source of your axis headings and data series.
  • Quickly Add Data to Existing Charts: Discover two simple methods to add additional data sets to your existing charts without starting from scratch.
  • Display Large Numbers as Millions or Thousands: Avoid clutter by formatting large numbers to display as M or K, making your charts cleaner and easier to read.
  • Prevent Charts from Disappearing with Hidden Data: Ensure your charts remain visible even when you hide the source data.

You can download a copy of the sample file by clicking through to YouTube. The link is in the YouTube description.