This video is based on a request for help that I received from Tim, one of my channel subscribers. He said…”I have a table of tasks which fall under different headings and the final column is complete/not complete. I want to create a dashboard using Pivot Tables but I am unable to work out how to present %complete in the Pivot Table and dashboard. Can you help?”

For me, dashboards are all about how the data is presented so rather than just creating a simple Pivot Table…

I added a KPI Card onto the dashboard. Not only does that look more impressive but for the users of the dashboard, the information is “their their face”

The formula that I used in the video:

=”Completed Tasks: ” & TEXT(Tasks!I3, “0%”)

You can download a copy of the file I used in the video by clicking through to YouTube. The link for the file is in the YouTube description.