This video was made in response to a real-life question. It covers how to create Markdown hyperlinks by combining the contents of two columns in Excel.

So what is Markdown and why do you care? Rather than regurgitate someone else’s words, if you are interested check out this website:

So back to the real-life question. It was from my other half who had an Excel file with 2 columns and 24 rows of data which looked something like this:

20231201 (Title of Freebie)

20231202 (Title of Freebie)

20231202 (Title of Freebie)

She wanted to combine the data in the 2 columns into a 3rd column and turn it into a Markdown hyperlink (the context of all this is explained in the video

Although there are several ways to achieve this, I chose to use Power Query in Excel on the Mac to do this. To learn more watch the video:


MoreQuery Addin:

Formula used in the demo:

=”[” & Date.ToText([Date],[Format=”dd MMMM”]) & “: ” & [#”Full Name/Title”] & “]” & “(” & [Link] & “)”