It was Friday morning. I had the weekend planned. Friday night – script my YouTube video – Slicers in Pivot Tables. Saturday morning – record said video. Saturday afternoon – edit said video.

Then BAM! Microsoft released a brand new function – IMAGE().

So Slicers will just have to wait. Yes I know I’ll be just one of many YouTubers and LinkedIners to create an IMAGE video this weekend but it’s got to be done, hasn’t it?

So what does the IMAGE function do? It lets you insert an image into a cell in an Excel worksheet. Yes I know you can already do that and with a bit of a fudge, you can even make it appear as if the image was embedded in a cell.

However, the new function makes the process simpler and because the image IS the cell contents, rather than floating on top of the cells, you can use all your favourite formulas and functions as well as other Excel features, to further manipulate it.

I had an idea for the demo – Manchester United team player pics, but that was kiboshed when Andrew Moss, one of my LinkedIn connections and fellow “Red” (aka United fan) got in first.

I didn’t want to be accused of plagiarism so I came up with a different scenario – a Photo Based Org Chart.

If you want to see this new function in action check out my video. Links to the video and individual sections below:


IMAGE Function Syntax

Create a Photo Based Org Chart

Create a Dynamic Data Validation Dropdown

Combining the IMAGE Function with XLOOKUP

Adding another Employee