This week’s video was inspired by a question from a viewer, Andre. Thanks for the mail Andre and the kind words about the videos. Andre’s challenge to me was…

I’d like to assign a ticket number automatically to rows as they’re being added. I’m looking for a way to do this automatically whenever a new row is added.

If a row is deleted, the ticket is gone and cannot be reused. Imagine a ticket# or invoice# that needs to auto-increment whenever a new row of data is added.

Well , Andre, this video is going to cover the first part of your request. I couldn’t find a simple way to set it up so that when a row is deleted, the ID cannot be reused. Maybe with VBA, But that’s one for another day.

The formulas that I used in the video:





=If(B4=””,””,”TET-” & TEXT(ROW()-3,”00000″))