Recording of a training session delivered live on YouTube on 11th July 2022

When it comes to creating formulas in Excel, Dynamic Array Functions are a real game changer! They re-write the rules of formula creation, making once-complex formulas a snip to create.

So if you’re a user of Excel 365 or Excel 2021 and you want to make your life easier, this is a must-watch session!

In addition to the Dynamic Array Functions, I’ll also show you how existing Excel functions and formulas can be used in a Dynamic Array. The Dynamic Array Functions I covered are: FILTER; RANDARRAY; SEQUENCE; SORT; SORTBY; UNIQUE; XLOOKUP

Links to the video and individual sections below:


What are Dynamic Array Functions?


Using the # Symbol in Dynamic Arrays (Count values)





RANDARRAY – Generate Random Numbers, Dates and Times


Using Standard Functions as Dynamic Array Functions