Have you ever tried to create a Pivot Table from a list that has a filter applied? If so you’ll know that it doesn’t work. Excel ignores any filters applied to the source data and uses the entire list or Table.

In this video I show you a simple trick to create a Pivot Table from a filtered list. I also explain why my two original ideas to solve this problem were not suitable.

Oh, and my new Excel t-shirt makes it’s debut

Links to the video and individual sections below:


Explanation of the Problem(https://youtu.be/lzGKDPGdzCw?t=35)

Apply a Filter to a Pivot Table(https://youtu.be/lzGKDPGdzCw?t=97)

My Chosen Solution: Add a Column to the Source Data(https://youtu.be/lzGKDPGdzCw?t=198)

First Idea: Manual Copy and Paste(https://youtu.be/lzGKDPGdzCw?t=331)

Second Idea: Use the FILTER Function(https://youtu.be/lzGKDPGdzCw?t=383)