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Introducing the Ultimate Action Tracker for Streamlined Task Management!

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Many years ago (about 15 to be precise) I built myself a very basic Excel-based Action Tracker (this was way before to-do lists and tracking apps were a thing). By my own admission it was very basic but since then I’ve made quite a number of improvements and added automation and it’s now at the point where I’m happy to make it available to others.¬†Conceptually it’s very simple…

Sheet1 is a data entry sheet: Select the next blank row in the sheet and type in the details of the task/action that you wish to track…Date, Action Details, Due Date, Name of Owner/Person Responsible, Task Status. You can even add free-text comments for extra context.

When a task/action is complete, select any cell in that row and click the “Mark as Complete” button and hey presto, the task is moved to another worksheet that contains only completed tasks. That’s it – it’s that simple.

In fact, I had a brainwave recently…with the introduction of the FILTER function in Excel, there’s no need to even click a button. So I made a second task/action tracker. Like the original tracker, the first sheet (called All Actions) is where you enter the details of each task/action you wish to track. There are 3 other sheets: Not Started, In Progress and Completed. Each sheet stores the appropriate tasks/actions. As you update the Status of a task/action in the All Actions sheet, a copy of the task/action appears on the appropriate sheet.This second tracker only works on Excel 365 but as there are many users who are using non-365 version of Excel, I’ve included both trackers in the purchase!

Summary Report: Both trackers include a Report sheet which provides a visual breakdown of tasks/actions by status. See at a glance how many tasks/actions fall into each status group, helping you prioritize and manage your workload effectively.

So to summarise…

  • The downloadable ZIP file contains 2 Excel files, both of which offer similar functionality. You enter tasks/actions into the Actions When a task/action is marked as Complete it is automatically added to the Completed sheet
  • The action-tracker-macro.xlsm contains a macro to automate moving a task/action to the Completed sheet. The macro is triggered by clicking the red button at the top of column H. This file will not work on mobile devices or Excel for Web because those platforms do not support macros
  • The action-tracker-365.xlsx does not require a macro and therefore works on all devices. However, to separate the tasks/actions based on their status (Not Started, In Progress, Complete) it uses the FILTER function which is only compatible with Excel 365


Buy Now for £4.99 using the button below (or GET IT FOR FREE by signing up to my mailing list)