Excel Tutorials

A collection of written and video based Excel tutorials

Excel’s 10,000 Hour Limitation

I was recently asked why a time value divided by a number generated a #VALUE! error. The reason was because the time value was over 10,000 hours. This tutorial shows a workaround.

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VMWare, PowerMap and DirectX

When I tried to run PowerMap on Excel 2016 for Windows, running in a VM on my iMac, up popped a message telling me that my video driver may not support DirectX. Here’s how I fixed it

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How to Add a Line Break to a Formula

This short tutorial explains how to add a line break to a formula – with the added twist that the file containing the formula will be used on both Windows and Mac. Sounds simple – and it is – but with a small gotcha!

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Convert Time into Minutes

In this tutorial, based on a real-life situation, you’ll learn how to convert a time that is representing a duration (e.g. 02:00:00) into minutes (120) and then calculate the number of 15 minute intervals in that duration.

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