Last week Microsoft released an update to the Office for iPad apps. The update includes the following enhancements for Excel:

  • Pivot Tables: Prior to the update, Excel for iPad users were limited to viewing Pivot Tables in existing documents. Now you can sort, filter, expand, collapse, refresh, and show details within Pivot Tables where the data is contained within the same workbook. You can also change a Pivot Table’s style and layout.
  • A new “Flick Gesture” to make it easier to select large data ranges. imply grab the selection handle, flick it in any direction, and Excel will automatically select from where you started to the next blank cell
  • Printing: New paper sizes and new scaling options
  • Send as a PDF: available via the Share menu, this allows you to send a PDF version of the workbook to someone via email (note – this feature is available in Word and PowerPoint for iPad too)
  • Support for external keyboards

In this short video, I demonstrate and explain the new features: