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Excel Formulas

Think of any scenario that involves addition, subtraction, division or multiplication and that’s where you’d need to create a formula in Excel. So if you’re new to Excel and struggling to understand formulas or you’re tired of manually calculating data in Excel spreadsheets and you want to learn how to use Excel formulas to streamline your work and save time, then this short eBook is the perfect solution for you.

How Do I Get the eBook?

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  • An Excel Trainer account is created for you. You will receive an email containing your username, password and login URL
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What Will You Find Inside the eBook?

  • A comprehensive 15-page walkthrough packed with clear explanations.
  • In-depth insights into formula creation using practical examples
  • Real-life scenarios showcasing how to create formulas
  • Easy-to-follow screenshots
  • Handy tips and tricks to help you master and make the most of formulas.


Here’s a Detailed Table of Contents

  • What is a Formula?
  • Creating a Formula
  • Numeric Calculations: Subtraction
  • Numeric Calculations: Division
  • Numeric Calculations: Multiplication
  • Numeric Calculations: Division
  • Text Calculations
  • Date Calculations
  • When to use Brackets
  • Copying a Formula
  • Absolute Cell References (inc. Part Absolute)


Can I Download a Sample Version of the eBook?

You can download a sample version here


How Much Does the eBook Cost?

  • The cost of this eBook is £1.99
  • I accept PayPal as a payment method