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XLOOKUP: The Excel Game-Changer You’ve Been Waiting For

XLOOKUP is a powerful tool in Excel that helps you find things easily. Imagine you have a long list of employees and their details. You need to find the email address of John Doe. With XLOOKUP, it’s a breeze! You tell XLOOKUP what to find (like John Doe’s name), where to look for it (in the list of names) and where to find the answer (in the list of emails). XLOOKUP then scans through the names, finds John Doe, and happily gives you his email. It’s like saying, “Find John Doe’s name in this column, and tell me what’s written next to it in the email column.”

If this sounds familiar, then maybe you’ve used VLOOKUP before. Added into Excel in 2020, XLOOKUP is like VLOOKUP on steroids! (Don’t worry VLOOKUP fans, VLOOKUP is still there. So why is XLOOKUP so awesome?

  1. Simplicity: XLOOKUP is like asking a friend to find something in your spreadsheet. You don’t need to be a wizard in Excel to use it.
  2. Flexibility: Whether you’re looking up data in columns (up and down) or rows (left and right), XLOOKUP has you covered.
  3. Accuracy: Say goodbye to errors from counting rows or columns wrong, like in older Excel functions. XLOOKUP is precise and reliable.
  4. Versatility: Can’t find what you’re looking for? XLOOKUP won’t leave you hanging. It can tell you if something’s missing, rather than just giving you a confusing error.

I’ve put together a super handy PDF eBook that explains all. Think of it as your friendly guide to mastering this awesome Excel feature. It’s packed with everything you need to know, and I’ve made sure it answers all your questions – big or small. It’s like having a chat with a buddy who knows all about XLOOKUP!


How Do I Get the eBook?

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  • Click the Place Your Order button on the Checkout page and complete the payment
  • An Excel Trainer account is created for you. You will receive an email containing your username, password and login URL
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What Will You Find Inside the eBook?

  • A comprehensive 11-page walkthrough packed with clear explanations.
  • In-depth insights into all 6 parameters of XLOOKUP, complete with practical examples
  • Real-life scenarios showcasing how XLOOKUP can be a game-changer
  • Easy-to-follow screenshots to guide you visually
  • Handy tips and tricks to help you master and make the most of XLOOKUP.


Here’s a Detailed Table of Contents

  • What is XLOOKUP?
  • Search Down a Column
  • Search Across a Row
  • Optional Parameter: If_Not_Found
  • Optional Parameter: Match_Mode
  • Exact Match or Next Smaller Item
  • Exact Match or Next Larger Item
  • Wildcard Character Match
  • Optional Parameter: Search_Mode
  • Reverse Search
  • Binary Search
  • Return Multiple Values
  • Two-Way Lookup


Can I Download a Sample Version of the eBook?

You can download a sample version here


How Much Does the eBook Cost?

  • The cost of this eBook is £1.99
  • I accept PayPal as a payment method