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Course Overview

“Excel – it’s a tool for managing numbers” is a comment I’ve heard over and over again. But actually, Excel can be used for so much more. Many people use Excel for storing and managing lists, particularly lists containing items of a textual nature, for example names, addresses, dates, part numbers, email addresses.

In many cases, data imported from other sources such as a database, needs cleaning up to make it useful. And once that’s done you’ll probably need to manipulate the data in various ways.

That is what the “Excel – More Than a Numbers Game” training course is all about. Watch the short video to learn more about what’s covered on the course.

Course Overview Video

Course Content

  • Converting case of text (e.g. lowercase to capitals)
  • Extracting part of a string (e.g. extract part of a telephone number or post/zip code and store in a separate cell)
  • Clean up imported text (e.g removing extra characters)
  • Join multiple strings together (e.g First Name and Surname in separate cells – combine into a single cell)
  • Split a text string into separate cells (e.g split an address into address, town, city, country)
  • Force a number to be stored as text (e.g. you need a numeric value from a cell to be part of a text string in a different cell)
  • Convert text to a number (useful when importing data)
  • Convert a text to a date (useful when importing data)
  • Conditional Find and Replace
  • Flash Fill – awesome time-saver in Excel 2013

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What You Get

  • Two Three Courses For The Price of One…More Than a Numbers Game (Windows), More Than a Numbers Game (Mac) and Automating Excel with Macros (Windows)
  • Downloadable copies of all the workbooks used in the courses
  • Downloadable copies of the videos so that you can watch them without an Internet connection. These will play on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  • Duration: More Than a Numbers Game is approx 60 mins. Automating Excel with Macros is approx 35 mins

Real World Examples

Below are just a few “real world” examples (thanks to some of my customers for letting me share their stories!) that the course is based on

Example 1: One of my clients had a list containing over 500 names and addresses where the data was all in lower case. She needed to produce mailing labels from the data and needed it all to be IN CAPITALS and had no idea where to start. She had actually manually re-typed 50 of the names and addresses before calling me to see if there was a quicker way! There is and the job was finished in under 30 seconds!

Example 2: Another client had downloaded some sales data from his eCommerce system to analyse his sales by creating some charts and pivot tables. He then spent a frustrating HOUR wondering why nothing was working. A quick call to me and he was up-and-running in no time at all. His problem? The original data (in the eCommerce system) contained some invisible characters that had been included in the export and also the “dates” and “numbers” weren’t actually dates and numbers (this is a common issue with data exporting) so the list wouldn’t sort and filter correctly.

Example 3:  I had a customer who had a long list of telephone numbers, like this one: +44 7990 123456. He wanted to extract the “country code” (+44) from each one and store them in a separate column. Yes it can be done and quickly too! Then he showed me his list of customers names and addresses but unfortunately the First Name, Surname, address, city and postcode for each person was stored in a single cell. I sorted that one out too – and quickly!

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