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Welcome to The Excel Trainer

Mike Thomas - Excel Trainer

Hello and welcome! My name’s Mike Thomas – also known as The Excel Trainer. I have over 25 years experience designing and delivering face-to-face and online training courses and I’ve been working with Excel since the early 90’s as a user, a Developer (of Excel-based solutions) and a Trainer.

On this site, in addition to the 100+ written and video based tutorials covering many many different features of Excel, you’ll find details of video based Excel training courses and live Excel training that I offer. I hope that through what I offer, I’m able to answer your Excel-related questions and help you to master the software.

Latest Excel Tutorials

My latest written and video based Excel tutorials. For more tutorials, please visit the Tutorials section (use the menu at the top of the screen)

Excel 2016 – Create a Map Chart

A Map Chart (new in the November 2016 release of Excel 2016 for Office 365 subscribers) allows you to quickly and easily display geographic data as a map

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Rounding Time to the Nearest 15 Minutes

I was recently asked how to round a time to the nearest 15 minutes. The question was in relation to the “7 minute rule” where employee clock in and clock out times are rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

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Calculate the Median in a Pivot Table

Last week I was then asked “how can you display the median of a set of values in a pivot table?” It’s not simple because median does not exist as an option. In this tutorial I show you how to do it.

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Excel 2016: Creating a Pareto Chart

A Pareto Chart shows the relative frequency of items in descending order. They are often used as the basis for creating a prioritization tool so that, for example process improvement activities can be organised.

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Creating a Heat Map with Excel

A heatmap is a graphical representation of data where the individual values contained in a matrix are represented as colours. This tutorial shows you how to create one in Excel.

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